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This little booklet seeks to introduce young people to the idea of faith. What is faith? Who do I put it in? What if I doubt? It take a lifetime to explore these sorts of questions, but this little book might just encourage a few first steps on that journey.

Great for teens and other people on the faith journey.

Size: 10x10cm, 48 little pages



The cost to you is really $0.

Why? Throughout the world, Lifewords are available to everyone without cost - because we are a faith mission.

  • Free to church planters in villages of Indonesia.
  • Free to street children in city slums of India.
  • Free to hospital & prison chaplains.
  • Free to you.

We love to support your mission. With a donation, we'd love you to support ours.

Orders can also be made via email to australia@sgmlifewords.com
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