Fundraising appeal to print 10,000 gospels

Right now, we have a unique opportunity to distribute Gospels to every receptive active service person in the Australian military. It comes off the back of our WW1 ANZAC commemorative campaign, and we’re asking if you would help to bring the gospel to today’s troops.

1914-1918: 43 million Gospels shared from SGM

The first World War was a time of incredible turmoil, leading Scripture Gift Mission (SGM) to embark upon one of its greatest challenges – pledging that all servicemen and support persons should have access to the words of the Bible. During the war we provided over 43 million Gospels and New Testaments to troops and support staff. Each copy had a decision form where the owner could record their commitment to Christ. These pocket-sized gospels were given out as men passed from training camps on their way to the frontline, and were carried to the trenches.

We have been reviewing some of the historical feedback letters that were received, and it’s amazing to see just how important these gospels were to the troops. During the war, SGM received many reports of those decision cards being returned with soldiers’ possessions, dated just days or hours before they were killed in battle.

My grandfather received a small Bible when he was leaving Australia on assignment in 1918. Inside the Bible is Lord Roberts’ message. The little Bible was taken to and from the war with each location written inside. He treasured it all his life, with a commitment form filled in. It was returned to us after his passing, and treasured to this day.”

The current opportunity: Gospel for every person serving in the Australian military

Just as every service person was given a Gospel of John during the great war, we currently have a unique opportunity to give these replica Gospels to every current serving person. Military Chaplains are ready and keen to share these gospels and we want to be able to provide them. 

Can you help?

Will you financially support Lifewords to provide Gospels for all current serving troops through our Australian Military Chaplains? There is an immediate ask for 10,000 gospels which we don’t currently have allocated and we need to raise the funds to print for them.

Goal to raise $20,000 by 1st September, 2018

  • There are over 50,000 people currently serving in the Australian Defense Force
  • We need an initial supply of 10,000 copies to Military Chaplains who are ready
  • Lifewords can print Gospels for A$2.00 per booklet
  • Goal: In Australia, to raise $20,000 between now and September, 2018

I would dearly love for every service person in this country the chance to reflect seriously on the words of the gospel. The pocket-sized booklet is easily carried on assignment and the format will be memorable and meaningful to these troops. We will endeavor to provide additional Gospels to the military chaplains in coming years, but these 10,000 copies are important for chaplains now.

With the generous support of you, our faithful supporters, we have already given hundreds of thousands of these replica gospels across the allied nations. Would you consider supporting us again?

If you would like to be part of the distribution, please make a donation by clicking this link. Finally, please join me in praying for the success of this initiative as we share Good News!

Yours in Christ,

Dan Hardie

National Director, Aust-NZ

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