The Bible in a new heart-language: Youth

For the almost 20,000 young people reading VerseFirst each day in their social media feed, experiencing the Bible in their “heart language” is about more than the literal language in which they read. In a post-literate culture, images, words and cultural form combine to communicate truth and meaning for this new generation.

A recent addition to the online social media presence is the ability for young people to deepen their experience of the Bible through our new VerseFirst blog content. Young people are encouraged to “read on” from the single verses that they are seeing in art-form, to either read more of the surround chapter and verse, or to engage with the blog thoughts. The level of interaction around Bible-text is through the roof, with hundreds of young people commenting, liking and sharing scriptures each day. That is so much higher than the level of engagement we get with Bible booklets! And it is the way of the future – speaking their language.

We are excited about what comes next, as we think about how we continue to offer people ways in to the life-transforming words of the Bible, and it’s message of love and salvation through Jesus. Whether in print, via “live programmes” or through these digital resources, our passion is that everyone, everywhere should have the chance to read, hear and experience the life words of the Bible.

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