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Many of you would have noticed some significant changes to our website and “suggested donation” amounts that appear on our website. Notably, everything has become $0. Yes, ZERO DOLLARS for all of our quality booklets, resources and programs.

Why give them free? 

Our products are quality. That’s why people want them. All around the world, hundreds-of-thousands of our Bibles and Bible resources are freely given in the name of Jesus. The SGM Lifewords Bible mission has been actively giving scriptures for 128 years. In places like Indonesia, we have church planters, missionaries, street workers and chaplains who have no funding for Bibles, and yet we believe the scriptures bring life change and transformation as people encounter Jesus. They need Bible resources, and we feel called to make that a possibility.

However, in Australia and a few other western countries, most people ordering resources CAN afford them, and many ask “how much do these cost?” We used to put a nominal amount of around $1 per booklet, but in reality, this will never come close to covering the cost of development, print and providing for our broader mission. In this scenario, only people who can afford their own bibles will get them. Retailing bibles isn’t our mission.

So… We would rather give them to you totally free and win your heart toward our entire Bible mission, than suggest a payment like any other retailer – and then never be able to do our free mission throughout the world. A better scenario is:

Free works when generosity is circulated

That’s better than:

Some pay a little for their own books => Only those who can afford it get bible resources

How you can contribute: 

Later this year, we will be doing a full blown Appeal, asking you to give so that Bible resources can continue to be distributed both here and abroad. If you have benefited from our generosity, you will hopefully recognise the importance of the mission, not just for yourself but the for the thousands who can never afford it. In Australia, we can give. We can get our churches to give. We can make it our mission to provide Bible resources to many who would never get it. And we will benefit from receiving these ourselves.

We hope you join in.


Dan Hardie


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