The least of these: serving on the streets

  • Gunar & Lifewords team take the first October weekend to share God’s word with hundreds
  • Bible College Students continue their weekly field ministry training among Indonesia’s most poor & needy
  • Pavement Project gets used among dozens of street children

We reported last year about the dozens of students from the Pelita Dunia Bible College who go weekly to meet physical, spiritual and emotional needs.

These students continue to serve the street poor, children at risk, and those who lack the bare essentials. At Christmas, our “Aussie Mums 4 Indo Kids” campaign allowed these teams to give 1200 Christmas gifts and meals in these locations, and this weekend they will continue to love and serve “the least of these”.

Pak Gunar Sahari (Indonesian Director for SGM Lifewords) said,

“This is all part of what it is to be a Christian presence. The people know we are here to help, to love and bless. They receive our food parcels or noodles or rice, and they are open to hearing about Jesus who is central to our faith and lives. I am very proud of our students, and look forward to seeing many people come to faith through this.”

There are currently 18 Indonesian missionary students being sponsored through our SGM Lifewords sponsorship program. Each week they hit the streets, slums or villages in an effort to meet needs and bring God’s love. These students are just some of those who will be blessed with resources from our “Ends of the Earth” Appeal, as we raise $12,000 for 24,000 Bible booklets to be shared in rural locations of Indonesia. Without your support, they could not share God’s love in this way, so thankyou for partnering with them in spreading God’s love and word.

(Take a quick look at the photo slideshow for an overview of this amazing ministry…)

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This long weekend, please join in praying:

  • Gunar and students who are doing amazing ministry on the streets of Tangerang and Jakarta. Pray for their safety, for fruitful ministry and for the message of love and grace to be well received.
  • Please pray that we will receive the $12,000 so that we can continue to supply bible resources to those who most need it. So far, we have nearly $2000, so there’s a long way to go!

I (Dan Hardie) would like to finish this update with a huge THANKYOU to those who have contributed to the “Ends of the Earth” appeal AND those who continue in the student sponsorship program. Through this, students are equipped with Bible Resources, helped with their college fees, and contribution to their livelihood. God bless and please keep praying for them!

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