Taking it to the “Ends of the Earth”

Our mission is to bring life words to the world.
Words of peace.dscf3409
Words of hope.
Words of life. Both here and abroad, people are coming to know the peace & love of God by simply encountering his word. We keep getting requests in Indonesia for scriptures in local languages, relevant portions, attractive and powerful.

“Many of our partners are in mission outposts at the ends of the earth. They tell me that they just don’t have portions of God’s word to give to the people they meet and minister to. My conviction is: If God’s word contains good news for all people, then we must provide for them.” Ps Gunar Sahari

Can we provide for them?

Well God has been working through SGM Lifewords for 128 years to meet these needs. Together, we can actually be an answer to someone else’s prayers! So…

How many? 24,000.
Where? Towns & Villages far from major cities. Literally, the “Ends of the Earth”.
What? Life words booklets + The Visible Story

If you love God’s word, then you’ll know why we feel passionate about serving them. Here’s where the scriptures are needed immediately:



Through our “Ends of the Earth” appeal, we will raise $12,000 for 24,000 booklets over the next 12 weeks. Would you join us in providing scripture to Pastors and Mission workers of Indonesia?

You can contribute to the “Ends of the Earth” appeal today!

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