Billy Graham insisted on this one thing…

I recently read that whenever Billy Graham would preach, he would insist that the scriptures were handed to every person who would make a response. He didn’t rely on his words to stay with people, but encouraged them to go on and read the Bible for themselves.
These days, most preachers deliver their message and hope that the listeners would go away and remember something from the sermon. We hope that they will take the initiative to remember some references and go and find it in their personal time. This might be ok for a few of our most committed followers, but guests and visitors will rarely follow up on what they’ve heard unless we actively guide them.
This Easter, many visitors will join our church services and events. This presents an opportunity to not just preach the Word but to actually leave people with a portion of God’s word. Sure, many people will be reading the scriptures on their phone or tablet, which is great. Some will just look at the screen where the scriptures are often provided during the service. But how much better if we are deliberate in giving them a gift of God’s word!? How much more impact if we can hand them a portion of scripture, a gospel or booklet that provides some relevant guidance for the season?
SGM Lifewords is passionate about providing God’s word to those who will rarely encounter it for themselves. We’re providing The Way to Life as a great gift of Scripture this Easter. It takes people on a journey to knowing God, and would be a great companion to give at Easter services this year.



Have you had a similar experience?